Miguel Aragon

New Works by Miguel Aragon

3.21.14 – 4.26.14

The exhibition included two large-scale works that were a continuation of Aragon’s series of hand-drilled portraits. Of this series Aragon stated:

“The content for my images come from photographs published by the media, which depict very raw forensic evidence. These photographs deal with the Mexican Drug Cartel Wars in which Ciudad Juárez, my native city, has been a primary battleground. My work is derived from a need to find meaning in these brutal events that reposition the corpse in our field of vision, reminding us that our physical existence is finite.”

Aragon also showed a selection of small-scale works from a new series that explores “visual crowding,” defined as the inability to distinguish details in clutter. These were abstract representations of his constantly changing environments and living situations over the past year and a half.

Miguel Aragon received an MFA from The University of Texas at Austin. His work has been exhibited at the International Print Center (NY), Austin Museum of Art, Mexic-Arte Museum (Austin), Lamego Museum and Douro Museum (Portugal), OSDE Espacio de Arte (Argentina), and at numerous galleries across the U.S.

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