A Catalogue

12.7.13 – 1.18.14 

Typically when we curate our exhibitions, every choice and detail is fussed over in the service of a specific narrative, concept, aesthetic, or feeling. This was not that type of show. This time, we thought we would let things run a bit wild. We chose 30 Austin-based artists whose work we respect, regardless of media, subject, conceptual leaning, age, or career stage. The exhibition was installed salon-style and included sculpture, video, painting, photography, drawing, and installation. This was a snapshot of some of the best art in Austin at the tail end of 2013, filtered through our tastes.

Included artists (in no particular order):

sandy-carson, tiny-park, a-catalogue tiny-park, kevin-mcnamee-tweed, god's-notebook jamie-panzer, tiny-park, cyclopedia
jessica-halonen, tiny-park, target-20 claude-van-lingen, tiny-park, online-creek, a-thousand-years-from-now rebecca-marino, tiny-park, pg 100-101
jade-abner, tiny-park, cradle-potato tiny-park, installation-a-catalogue tiny-park, installation-a-catalogue