Greatest Hits

6.29.12 – 7.28.12

Tiny Park opened our new gallery space at 1101 Navasota St., Austin, TX 78702 with “Greatest Hits”, a group exhibition featuring all of the artists (and in some cases, specific works) we presented in our previous home-based gallery. The exhibition was an opportunity for us to get oriented in the new space and present a tongue-in-cheek “history” of our activities to date. We’ll plan to work with some of these artists in the coming year, so the exhibition acted as both a history and preview.

The exhibition included work by Michael Sieben (Austin), Sam Prekop (Chicago), Deborah Stratman (Chicago), Miguel Aragon (Juarez, Mexico), PJ Raval (Austin), Nick Brown (Los Angeles), Leah Haney (Austin), David Culpepper (Austin), Stephanie Serpick (NY), and Rob Lomblad (NY).