Calixto Ramirez

10.12.12 -11.3.12

“The time and space of Calixto Ramirez”, a multiple video installation by Mexico City-based artist Calixto Ramirez. Curated by Leslie Moody Castro.

Calixto Ramirez’s videos are a document of a single action, scenario or sculpture set up by the artist. Ramirez creates deceptively simple moments showing time passing, life being lived, and the ephemeral nature of objects as they react to their environment: a person leaps across an empty stretch of sky that fills the screen, a still-life of real vegetables is vulnerably placed on an active street, an enormous stack of papers is placed to blow into an unexpecting cityscape. The videos document these moments, capturing their beauty and tension. The effect is an unsentimentally poetic exploration of the power of being. This was the artist’s first exhibition in the United States.

Ramirez - Escultura Informe 2