Upcoming Events

April 26, 2014 – (7 pm – 11 pm, free) East Austin Arts presents “Asterisk”, an exhibition in five parts, representing the curatorial vision of each member of the organization. East Austin Arts is comprised of Tiny Park, Big Medium, Co-Lab Projects, Mass Gallery, and guest participant Pump Project. Tiny Park will present works by Aaron Meyers. LOCATION: 916 Springdale (Canopy)

Black asterisk logo for exhibition Aaron Meyers Aaron Meyers Aaron Meyers


April 20, 2014 – (7pm, Free / $5 – $10 Donation) BURNING BUNGALOWS: Experimental Film and Animation from L.A.

Them-Oracles, Alee-Peoples


April 12, 2013 – (8 pm, free) Fun Party literature reading presents Charles Alexander and Chris Martin.

poster for Fun Party reading series


March 22, 2014 – (7 pm, $10 / $3 with Alamo Drafthouse voucher / ERC Pass) Stephanie Barber’s Jhana and the Rats of James Olds

stephanie-barber, tiny-park


March 18, 2014 – (8 pm, free) Fun Party reading series features poets Sommer Browning and Deborah Poe. The reading will be followed by a special performance by Steve Parker and guitarist Dan Lippel.

fun-party, tiny-park, dan-lippel, steve-parker, somber-browning, deborah-poe


March 5, 2014 – (8 pm, free) Artist Katelena Hernandez leads a conversation about cosplay, voyeurism, self-comfort, economies of power, and Latina screen sirens, in relation to her performance Whatever Lola.

Collage for Whatever Lola performance

March 1, 2014 – (doors at 7:30pm; screening at 8 pm, free) Join us for a screening of Janaye Brown’s video work followed by a short discussion and Q&A moderated by Brian Willey.

janay-brown, the-living-room, tiny-park


February 25, 2014 – (8 pm, free) Happy Trees is an evening of performances and happy accidents presented by ART 337C TRANSMEDIA: Performance Art II.

happy-trees, performance, Tiny-park 


February 21, 2014 – (doors at 7:30pm; screening at 8 pm, free) Join us for a screening of video work by Rachel Stuckey.

rachel-stuckey, tiny-park rachel-stuckey, tiny-park